The Icelandic Post Office

Jan 10, 2024

Purple Flower

The Icelandic Post Office - Replacing two systems with one

Reykjanesbær - Reducing the administrative headache

Reykjanesbær is an Icelandic municipality with around 30.000 inhabitants and 2.000 employees in various roles. The users in the LMS of the town range from elementary school teachers to elected members and everything in between. Due to the size and nature of the operations managing eLearning was a real administrative challenge but by using some of our powerful features that challenge was overcome.

HR Integration

The LMS was integrated with the HR system of Reykjanesbær importing relevant information such as job titles and departments for every user. This also created an opportunity to verify that everyone's information was correct through our information filtering.

Grouping of job titles, departments, and courses

To simplify the administrative organization and structuring of the system job titles were grouped together into categories, departments were grouped into relevant divisions, and course categories were created to create a more structured interface for users.

Automatics Enrollments

We knew our automatic enrollment feature was powerful but it really got a chance to shine in this project. Once the job titles and departments had been sorted into categories courses were assigned to relevant categories meaning that learning management is close to fully automatic. Whenever a new employee is added to the system they automatically get enrolled into the courses they need to take based on their job and department.

Better Follow-ups

In addition to classic follow-ups where the user automatically gets notifications about unfinished courses, the group leader of the user will also get a notification once a certain threshold is reached. This enables the group leader to be easily aware of any remaining courses for their users and makes it easy for them to follow up with the respective employee.